Perfect Printgraph Engineers LLP. (PPE) brings to you the manufacturing of distinguished and top-notch printing machines with innovation that meets the day and age.

PPE aims at providing perfection in every way. Solving your printing problems while giving you best quality, reliability and features at the best cost is our motive. Our quality meets global standards. Anywhere in the world, you can rely on us for all your usage and after sales service. The features of our machines suit any climatic conditions.

Our machines will help you multiply your business, you will print more and more with perfect printgraph machines. Renowned for their robust construction, thoughtful features, easy controls and low maintenance our machine gives you years of trouble free profits. Right from the first print our machines will have a positive impression on your business..

  • Simplex Unwind Station Equipped with Automatic Tension Control System.
  • Pneumatically Operated Marriage Roll System.
  • Simplex Rewind Station Equipped with Automatic Tension Control System.
  • 5 Motor Drive Tension Control System.
  • Programmable Digital Ac Drives.
  • Hydraulic Lift off/on of Printing Cylinders.
  • Continuous Rotation of Anilox Roll Drives by Hydraulic Motors.
  • Chambered Doctor Blade System.
  • Ceramic Anilox Rolls.
  • Silent and Powerful Drying and Exhuast System.
Web widths 510 mm to 1510 mm
Print widths 410 mm to 1410 mm
Printing Repeats 230 mm to 1000 mm
Printing Possibilities 6+0, 5+1, 4+2, 3+3
Printing Speed* 60 mtrs. / minute maximum
Power Requirement** Main Motor 5 - HP. AC
Blowers 3-HP. AC & 0.5 - HP. AC
Heating Load 22 kw
Floor Space** -Length
5.5 mtrs.
3 mtrs.
3 mtrs.
Weight** 5,500 kgs (approx)
  • Opto Electronic Web Guiding System : Digitally controlled web guiding for precise guiding of web.
  • Automatic Tension Control System : Load cell feedback control provided on Unwind, Infeed, Outfeed & Rewind Station to maintain uniform tension throughout the entire roll.