Series : Elite 400 Series

Printing Speed: Maximum Speed: 450 m.p.m.

Perfect Printgraph Engineers LLP. (PPE) brings to you the manufacturing of distinguished and top-notch printing machines with innovation that meets the day and age.

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  • Asynchronous Ac Servo Motor.
  • Digital Drive.
  • Shaftless Unwind Station with Floor Lifting.
  • Unwind “Close Loop” Brake Control.
  • Easy Access to The Cutting Section.
  • Active Electro Static Eliminator with Static Control Unit.
  • Various Razor/Rotary/ Shear Slitting System.
  • Digital Line Guide Control.
  • Unloading Booms.
  • Laser Core Positioning Equipment.
  • Duplex Rewinding:The term duplex rewinding implies the use of two shafts for rewinding the split substrate. This ensures a positive separation between adjacent slit reels, which are wound alternately on the two shafts.
  • Duplex Centre differential rewinding technology: The Differential winding technique afforded by ball shafts effectively compensates for web thickness variations by allowing each coil to rotate at the rpm suited to its diameter.
  • Pneumatically Lay on rolls: Pneumatically pressured lay on rolls enable the user to vary the contact pressure and thereby produce rewind reels with the required tightness. A self-alignment mounting of these lay on rolls also compensates for a gradation in reel diameters within reasonable limit.
  • Pneumatically Operated Nip Rollers: To maintain uniform and precise tension at printing, Infeed and oufeed stations.
  • Silent and Powerful Drying and Exhaust System.
  • The actual production speed will depend on the type, thickness, quality of the material to be printed, No. of Color, Inks, Photo Polymer Plates, Quality of Inks, Solvents and Operators skill.
  • ** Depend upon the model.
  • *** Due to regular R & D, Specification may undergo minor variations without prior notice.
Web Width : 600 mm to 2200 mm
Unwind Diameter : 650 mm to 1200 mm
Maximum Rewind Diameter : 500 mm
Maximum Slitting Speed : 450 m.p.m.
Minimum Slit width : 50 mm
Unwind Core ID : 76 mm & 152 mm
Rewind Core ID : 76 mm & 152 mm

* The actual production speed will depend on the type, thickness, quality of the material to be slitted, operator skill, etc.

**Also depends upon the customer requirement.