Mechanical Speed: 250 m.p.m

Perfect Printgraph Engineers LLP. (PPE) brings to you the manufacturing of distinguished and top-notch printing machines with innovation that meets the day and age.

PPE aims at providing perfection in every way. Solving your printing problems while giving you best quality , reliability and features at the best cost is our motive. Our quality meets global standards. Any where in the world , you can rely on us for all your usage and after sales service. The features of our machines suit any climatic conditions.

Our machines will help you multiply your business, you will print more and more with perfect printgraph machines. Renowned for their robust construction, thoughtful features, easy controls and low maintenance our machine gives you years of trouble free profits. Right from the first print our machines will have a positive impression on your business..

  • Fully Automatic Synchronized Servo & Gearless System.
  • Gearless Control Movement: All Servo Motors are perfectly synchronized together through Siemens SinamicS Servo Drives which determines the precise position of each one.
  • Machine’s Stop Method: There are 3 different stop methods are provided.
  • Web Guide System (Pnuemo Hydraulic).
    • Control On/Off: Complete power off of panel
    • Machine Stop: Stop at normal ramp down in synchronized operation
    • Emergency stop: Quick stop at 3-5 second
  • Sleeves on Plate & Ceramic Anilox Roll.
  • Job change over in 20 Minutes.
  • One man for machine change over.
  • Enclosed Chamber Doctor Blade System
  • Motorised Ink Pump with Automatic Viscosity Controller.
  • Process visualization and graphical presentation which makes the machine more use friendly.
  • Emailing of critical alarm and accumulated reports of a shift to one or many users (provided internet connection).
  • Pneumatically Actuated Unwind & Rewind Station with Floor Lifting System.
  • Electric System – Edge position controller.
  • Automatic movement of the printing decks by precise circulating ball screws.
  • Printing Pre- Register Setting: The Printing “pre-register” adjustment is completely automatic and enables the operator to insert the printing repeat in the supervisor, set the machine for printing by positioning “longitudinal and side registers” in the best position.
  • Fully Digital Web Video System.
  • Double Jacketed Water Cool Roll Duly Hard Chromed Plated with chiller unit.
  • Silent & Powerful drying and exhaust system.
  • Air Conditioned Control Panel: The structure has been engineered so as to avoid possible electromagnetic interferences, all cables to and from the press areas are shield, panel is conditioned by 2 industrial chillers, positioned external.
  • All Components, Servo Motor, Feeders are wired as internationally acceptance in IP56 enclosures.

  • The Machine Monitoring & controlled by the Centralized Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (Scada System):

  • The space heaters along with the thermistor control is provided to maintain the minimum temperature as especially useful in winter season. (IP54/ IP55/ IP65 Optional).
  • The wiring color code used as per CE/UL requirements.
  • Common DC Concept
  • One touch starts according to predefined interlocks considering Man, Machine & Process.
  • Automatic set process data like tension, temperature, registration considering material, machine and process.
  • Wireless connectivity like mobile/ iPod.
  • System consists of Ethernet cameras to view and record critical area of the machine during operation.
Type of Machine : Gearless Flexo Printing Press (Sleeve Technology).
Series : Super Print Els Series (Sleeve Technology)
Number of Printing Station : 4 to 8 Color.
Web width : 500 mm to 1500 mm.
Print width : 400 mm to 1400 mm.
Printing Repeat : 360 mm to 800 mm.
Maximum Reel Outer Diameter at Unwind and Rewind Station : 800 mm
Maximum Reel Weight at Unwind & Rewind Station : 250 kgs.
Printing Possibilities : Variable as per no of color of Machine.
Printing Speed : 250 Meter per minute.
Power Requirement : Variable as per Machine.
Supply Voltage : 415 V, 3 Phase, 50 Cycles/sec, 4 wire or as required.
Floor Space- Length /Width/Height : Variable as per machine.

**(Due to regular R & D, specifications may undergo minor variations without prior notice.)

Corona Treated LDPE Films, Polypropylene, B.O.P.P, Pearlised B.O.P.P, Thin Foam Sheets, Laminated Aluminum Foils & Paper.