Mechanical Speed: 90 m.p.m & 150 m.p.m

Printing Speed: 80 m.p.m & 130 m.p.m

Perfect Printgraph Engineers LLP. (PPE) brings to you the manufacturing of distinguished and top-notch printing machines with innovation that meets the day and age.

PPE aims at providing perfection in every way. Solving your printing problems while giving you best quality, reliability and features at the best cost is our motive. Our quality meets global standards. Anywhere in the world, you can rely on us for all your usage and after sales service. The features of our machines suit any climatic conditions.

Our machines will help you multiply your business, you will print more and more with perfect printgraph machines Renowned for their robust construction, thoughtful features, easy controls and low maintenance our machine gives you years of trouble free profits. Right from the first print our machines will have a positive impression on your business.

  • Double Track Unwind & Rewind Stations will increase production capacity.
  • Heavy Duty Side Frame Construction.
  • Web Guide System (Pneumo Hydraulic).
  • Automatic Tension Control System :AC Motor Drive Technology for precise tension Control and Load Cell feedback control provided on Unwind, Outfeed and Rewind Station to maintain uniform tension throughout the entire roll.
  • Motorised transversal printing tension of register controlled via PCL.
  • Human Machine Interface (Touch Screen Controls).
  • Pneumatically operated Nip Rollers : To maintain uniform and precise tension at printing, In feed and Out feed stations.
  • Silent & Power Full Drying System..
  • ** Depend upon the model.
    *** Due to regular R & D, Specification may undergo minor variations without prior notice.
Type of Machine : Flexo Printing Press–Stack Type.
Series : Double Track Series.
Number of Printing Station : 2 to 8 Color
Web Width : 500mm to 1500mm (250mm + 250mm to 750mm + 750mm).
Print Width : 400mm to 1400mm (200mm + 200mm to 700mm + 700mm).
Printing Repeat : 300mm to 800mm.
Maximum Reel Outer Diameter at Unwind & Rewind Station : 800mm
Maximum Reel Weight at Unwind & Rewind Station: 150 kgs.
Printing Possibilities : Variable as per no of color of Machine.
Mechanical Speed : 80 Meter per minute.
Printing Speed : 70 Meter per minute.
Power Requirement : Variable as per Machine.
Supply Voltage as required: 415 V, 3 Phase, 50 Cycles/sec, 4 wire or as required.
Floor Space Length/Width/Height : Variable as per machine.


  • Automatic movement of the printing decks by precise circulating ball screws with Motorised advancement.
  • Digital Line Guide Control.
  • Continuous rotation of Anilox Roll will prevents drying of inks on the Anilox Roll.
  • Auto Throw ON - Throw OFF for Plate Cylinder.
  • Chamber Doctor Blade System:For uniform and controlled ink supply on the Anilox Roll.
  • Ceramic Anilox Rolls:Higher mesh laser engraved Anilox Rollers for precise transfer of ink to achieve better and enhanced print quality.
  • Motorised Ink Pump Air operated pumps for controlled circulation of ink between Ink Tank and Chamber Doctor Blade.
  • Web Video System: Web inspection system, equipped with high quality color camera, quick zoom & split screen, mounted on Motorised traverse bar to monitor complete print at all speeds.
  • Pneumatic Shaft: Provided on Unwind and Rewind Stations for quick and easy loading and unloading of the parent roll.
  • In built Exhaust System.